RFID-Sensor update & new Tag-info

Yesterday’s update on RFID-Sensor firmware included a little surprise, it was not possible to program new tags…. All fixed now! Github is updated, so if you downloaded update yesterday please re-update your sensor!

About Anti-Metal tags

There’s been a little discussion on forums regarding if Anti-Metal RFID-tags really work with LiPo’s. We know that regular RFID-tag needs a little distance between LiPo and tag:

The Anti-Metal tag is said to remove the need for any 1mm tape between tag and LiPo.

I have on my sensor-page a link to Anti-Metal tags from Ebay (here) and I can after receiving mine today confirm that they do work as advertised. No need for 1mm tape, reading distance is ~2cm when slapped on my GensAce 7S 4400mAh. So, don’t worry, they’ll work!

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  1. I am building both the battery and altimeter sensors. What size heat shrink did you use

    Thank you

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