RC-Thoughts.com – Site Status after two years

As RC-Thoughts.com is about two years old about now it’s time to look back a little and see where we are with the site.


As we know site started as a pure blog and have evolved maybe a bit more to a collection of tech-articles, how-to’s, tests, diagnostic-articles and presentation on hardware-projects. And it’s been fun!

Readers and usage

One of the pages on this site is constantly at top of the visited pages, that is the Text-To-Speech service. On top of that we have to mention VBar-articles, UDI/PPM-articles and lately LUA-articles. Due recent activity the hardware-projects have gained a lot of visits too.

Page visits have come up from beginnings ~200 per month to up to 10 000 per month lately, especially after DC-24 came out. This year will also be the first year where the 100 000 visits limit will be broken.

Looking at geographic we can mention that United States makes around 17%, Germany, France and UK together totals to about 28% of visits. Looking globally there’s basically only countries like North Korea, Mongolia and few African countries with zero visits, basically this site have been visited from 98% of countries in the world.

Editorial staff and ads?

I’m running the site alone so there was that staff :) I have no sponsors, ads or any form of outside financial support. Some have mentioned Jetimodel would pay something but that is not the case. All my Jeti T-Shirts are paid in full :)

Time wise I think I have pretty good balance with life outside my work and this site. There are times when all the free time goes to HW- or SW-projects but then again there can go a week or two when nothing is happening. It is after all a side-project for me.

And as long as I can make the server-payments without ads there will be no ads on this site. Also, no donations are going into server-maintenance or cost’s, they are going to coffee :)


This is where I’d like you to step in! I’d really like to hear what you have to say about the site, look’and’feel, performance, contents and so on. I also would like to know what you’d like to see here! I really would like you to do a short (10 questions) survey fully anonymously on surveymonkey-website here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/K89D269 There is no email-adding, no name-asking, nothing.

All this makes me feel very humble and very grateful.  That’s why I would like to thank you all for keeping up and putting up with my ramblings :)

Tero Salminen

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