How to save battery-life on field? With add-ons!

Thanks to upcoming 4.20 firmware to Jeti it’s now possible not only to read some system-settings but also possible to change them.

This of course opens up once more a way to make some manual adjustments fully automatic. The newest addition to RC-Thoughts Jeti Tools is RCT-Comfortable!

A small but big-impact application that runs on DC/DS-16/24 and has the ability to not only keep your transmitter battery alive for longer but also to make your transmitter more user-friendly.


You’re on the pit’s fueling your nitro or jet, making and ajustment via radio every now and then but not all the time. You can have your screen on 10 seconds duration to keep it not draining the battery in vain. Also since there’s not that much noise in the pit no need to have a volume of 100 on either.

Get your nitro or jet to start and suddenly you notice you need full screen brightness and considerably more volume to hear the announcements and alarms.

RCT-Comfortable does all this automatically for you!

So head on to app’s page here and check it out! (Link corrected! Sorry!)

Note that this app requires DC/DS-16 or 24 and firmware 4.20 to work!

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