DC/DS-24 – Signal strength indicator

Since DC/DS-24 now have possibility to use two completely different radio-bands the main display have also been refined. This was asked in the German Jetiforum so I thought to put some pictures up.


After turning transmitter on (no power in model yet) in the upper left corner just to the right of signal strength meter there is either one or two small green squares:


Because we have two green squares that means this models configuration uses both 2.4GHz and 900MHz receivers.


After binding the model (and both receivers are on) the squares are turning to small checkmarks:


Looking at the Antenna-screens we can see everything is ok. Now let’s see what happens when 2.4GHz is turned off:


As can be seen in the screenshot system is now running on 900MHz and the upper checkmark is now a green square while the lower one is still the checkmark.

Turning stuff around, leaving 2.4GHz on but removing 900MHz receiver is of course the other way around:


And finally, un-powering the model we are where we started:



The color of the green squares is different depending on color theme on your transmitter as can be seen in the various color-options:


So, not a biggie but surely informative!

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