Once upon a day…

It was winter 2012/2013…

I had just moved to a new city and wanted to start a hobby, I’d just sit around the house and do nothing. So, I found RC-helis :)

First flight!

I just found a picture on my computer and since it pretty much sums up how almost everyone starts this beautiful hobby I thought I’d share it with you.

It was a beautiful, sunny and warm spring day, I think it was march 2013:

First flight?

I remember i really hated that heli. I never got it to fly well, one of the reasons was of course that knew nothing about helis. Also parts were not really available in Finland so it usually was “crash – wait 2 weeks – crash – wait two weeks”…

My hobby really started later that spring when I finally got my T-Rex 500, that thing is still on my shelf and it sure is abused in every imaginable way :)


But now, get out and fly something!

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