I finally had some time to do some technical housekeeping on, it really was time for it.

Features worked on

  • New DNS-provider
  • Complete IPv6 support
  • Re-configuration of sending email
  • Better support for DDoS-attacks

There are still some issues of course. IPv6-support is complete regarding reaching and reading the site but my domain hosting-company does not have IPv6 MX-records so that is still missing. But like said, does not affect reading the site at all.

Email is reconfigured so it is not likely to get caught in spam-filters on users email-servers if thay are configured correctly. (They should read SPF-record from DNS-server.)

DDoS-support is included in my new DNS-provider so that is great. (Not that I’m affected, thankfully)


As usual, if you have any issues whatsoever please let me know!


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