What’s coming up next?


Jeti 4.00 FW

First of all, it is now confirmed that the 4.00 firmware for Jeti DC/DS-16 is right on the doorstep.

A lot of new features, new display options, 24 channels and so on just to name few. I have the last beta installed but the article will be written from the final version when it’s released.

REX 1.01 FW

Also, REX-receivers will get a new firmware. There’s been some inconsistency with UDI and REX-series and I will try to go to bottom with this. I have the last beta on this also, but I’ll wait with the story and upgrade until I have my new oscilloscope home so I can do better comparison on what is happening. There’s also the possibility that TX firmware can have something to do here so I need to put 3.02 back in TX before doing the test’s..

So, in a nutshell, stay tuned, a lot is coming :)

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