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  1. when it is possible i would like buy the iCharger Touch – Software. It is possible? Please

    1. Unfortunately software is not for sale, it's very far away from "install and run". I think that even if shared as is maybe 1/10 would get it to run.

  2. Many thanks for your Response. When the software is run, I'd like to purchase when it's possible.

  3. I would like to know if this software is available and still being developed. I would also Like to know if I can help in any way?

  4. Hello Tero,
    I have read your project iCharger Touch with great attention.
    Since I also have a Junsi 4010 Duo I would like to use this charger also by touch screen. Can a Rasberry Pi be used for this?
    Would you give me your interface?


    1. I'm not sure even the Raspi 3 has enough power to run it as is. My very rude way to do the interface and process the data for graphics is a long way from efficient. The quad-core CPU in Odroid runs at 80-90% on all four cores the whole time.

      I have decided not to share the interface since it very far away from "install and run". I just don't have the resources for all the questions around it, sorry.

  5. Hi Tero,

    amazing solution for a better user interface. Congratulations.

    Do you have any experience in Modbus via serial port with Junsi?
    In my tests it works perfect but on start of any charging operation, there is no more answer on the modbus.


  6. Hello Tero,

    I really need a software like yours and I can't wait to be able to buy it.
    So, I've decided to do it by myself. Not as good as yours, I just need to be able to put a battery in charge using a C++ program (or another language).
    And I almost succeeded, I just have one problem, when I order to charge following a program (the program 0 for example), it retype this program in another random program X and it play the program X, not the 0…

    If you have any idea of where the problem can come from, please help-me, I don't know what to do…

    Have a nice week-end,

    PS : sorry for the English, I will be better after finishing my school.

  7. Hey Tero,
    You mean I read this entire article & it's not avaiable for sale? This is some bookworm's ata boy story? Okay you fooled me on this one, the rest you'll have to earn… Now write something that is significant for all of us, I couldn't give a rats ass about a software program that you made for yourself, I want my click back.


  8. OMFG … upload it to github or stop your autism – no one cares about your "bookworm's ata boy story" (Steve)

  9. Hi Tero,

    Where did you find the protocol info for sending commands to the iCharger?


    1. This is one place: https://www.foxtechfpv.com/product/chargerpowersupply/icharger/iCharger_MODBUS_Protocol.pdf

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