Harry Got a New Radio!

I have posted about Harry”s video’s earlier, if you have not seem them check his Youtube channel here.

Bernie Jones at Jeti UK in collaboration with Jetimodel have now seen to it that Harry has a spanking new DS-24 to do video’s with, Facebook post about it below:

Here we have the news flash Jeti fans have been waiting for, I'm sure you have all been following Harry Curzon' s Jeti…

Gepostet von Jetiuk am Freitag, 19. Juni 2020

Congrats on new radio to Harry and keep up the excellent work!

Jetimodel, care to send me one too? :)

2 thoughts on “Harry Got a New Radio!

  1. Hi Harry. For some reason , I have lost your emails address? A quick question.. As I'm using more 'Assist' receivers, these days. I could do with an extra 3 way switch on my, already much modified, DS12. Can I use SWE (rotating knob) as a 3 way switch for Gyro mode or can/should I replace it with a 3 way switch? Thanks and Regards Tony

    1. Hi Anthony, Harry’s not here :) You might try RCGroups Jeti-discussion in Radios-section.

      And yes, using a rotating knob as switch is easy, one example here: https://www.rc-thoughts.com/2015/08/slider-as-3-way-switch/

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