Major overhaul on TextToSpeech

The free RC-Thoughts TextToSpeech service have been very popular among RC-people regardless of the brand. If a transmitter can speak a wav-file it’s been used!

TextToSpeech got a lot better!

After I noticed I haven’t been checking it for a while and browsers are behaving differently nowadays I noticed it’s time for a little overhaul. So here’s what’s done:


  • Now correctly updates all changed settings even in prelistening
  • Now behaves correctly with all browsers (IE 11 still sucks due Micro$oft, use Edge there)

Added features

  • Choice of four different quality-settings, affects file size and sound quality
  • Choice between Wav and Mp3 for those transmitters capable of using mp3
  • Server cleaned from old files

Tested with Chrome, Edge and iOS Safari.

So, head on to TextToSpeech page here and test out the new features! And as always, if you have any issues drop me a line here!

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