RCT WindSpeed released!

Ever wondered why your plane goes so fast to one direction but not the other? No need to guess anymore! Here’s a small request-app to calculate if model is experiencing head- or tailwind and how much it is!

RCT WindSpeed

Functions for WindSpeed

  • Calculates the difference of air- and groundspeed
  • Telemetry-window available with text “Headwind” or “Tailwind”
  • Adds telemetry-value “Windspeed” to model’s log-file
  • Wind speed unit is displayed as m/s if you have speed unit as km/h, for mph-users wind speed is also mph.
  • Possibility to assign a switch for announcement, example “Headwind 12.3 meters per second”

Get the app!

Head on to WindSpeed-page here and have a look!

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