Firmware 4.23 released

While this could be called a “patch-release” there is some new stuff anyway:

Added features

  • Latest device definitions for MRPM HALL, CORTEXpro, AXON and other devices.


  • While editing the integer values of any transmitter menu, after pressing the MENU button, the number of steps applied is shown in the bar on screen (1x, 10x, 100x).
  • If a flight-mode delay is applied while switching flight modes and a fast movement of a stick is performed, the servos now don’t overshoot.
  • Alarm values (menu Timers/Sensors – Alarms) are not limited by the 16-bit data type, so you can set higher values for alarms than ±32767.
  • Lua: Integer boxes are now able to handle 32-bit values.
  • DC/DS-14/16: Receiver voltage is now displayed correctly.
  • The volume indicator is now shown in the top bar if volume changes.
  • DC-24: The timing of a PPM signal via PPM Jack connector is now accurate.
  • Fixed: If a user opens a Model selection dialogue while logging is enabled, the situation could lead to creating empty log files (*.LOG).

Lua API is still on version 1.2, no new features besides 32-bit values there.


Get the latest update for your transmitter from Jetimode HERE.

Remember to test and enjoy a day on the field!

Photo by Daniel Larson – Published with permission

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