Very welcome Ditex-news!

You all know the versatile Ditex-servos from Hacker right?

(Picture from Ditex-servo)


The one thing we all were wondering was why Jeti USB-adapter cannot be used to program the servos. We all know it’s after all just TTL/FTDI…

Well, now Ditex have answered, servo’s are now programmable with Jeti USB-adapter, Hacker just came out with news here.

What do you need?

You need a Ditex or Jeti USB-adapter, and of course the software (v.1.42 or up) from here. That’s it, so easy!

(Picture from Ditex-servo)

One thought on “Very welcome Ditex-news!

  1. question?

    I am using the Ditex servos on my Proteus, and when I went into device explorer and converted the alternate pin output from servo to ditex, I can now see the telemetry and the servo works, but the transmitter beeps this:and, it will do each one, one by one, (pins) that are ditex.

    "device disconnected Pin 2"

    Why is it doing this?

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