Project RC-Thoughts RFID – Status update

Getting some RFID Sensors to shop is getting closer. Last parts are scheduled for arrival on upcoming week so hopefully by the end of week they will be in shop and ready to ship out.

Work In Progress

For who?

These are done for those who do not want to make one themselves or don’t have the time or simply just would like to get one ready built and tested. After all, in making these one can do something wrong.

No programming of sensor is needed, plug in to receiver and start using.

About the sensor

I made a custom PCB to put between Arduino and RFID-board in order to eliminate wires. Now only wire is the one going to receiver so basically there’s no weak points. Every sensor shipped is also tested with transmitter and test-reading both “RC-Thoughts type tags” and Revo Bump tags to make sure everything works when shipped.

How much?

Price is set to 54.90€ + shipping. I have two options on shipping, one without tracking (with customers responsibility) and one with tracking (Lost item replaced by RC-Thoughts). Unfortunately Finnish postal fees are a total rip-off and there’s nothing I can do to that. (I’m not taking any profit on shipping, it’s a pass-through cost.) To keep shipping-costs down get a few friends together and buy in bulk in one shipment if possible. Shop is set up so stock status is real-time.

If you want to save money you can always make one yourself, I made everything open-source, look here.


Please note that RC-Thoughts will not be selling RFID tags. Tested and confirmed to work are for example these anti-metal tags here.

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