Lua Battery Percentage now for DC/DS-16

One of the most requested Jeti Tools apps for 16-series is without a doubt the Battery Percentage app.

Battery Percentage for DC/DS-16

App had to be slimmed down quite a bit, if we only could get more memory… :)

There is one setup-screen where you need to setup capacity-sensor, switch to select between two battery-sizes, their capacity and the desired alarm-level in percentage.

Voice-alert is done via the app-created telemetry-control. This can be used for example for voice announcement.

Main screen is simple yet informative and easy to read:

Big percentage value, easy and quick to read and the very liked battery-symbol that also changes in real-time.

All four languages available!

Head on to Battery Percentage app-page here for more details or download straight from my github here!

4 thoughts on “Lua Battery Percentage now for DC/DS-16

  1. Yes, it would be nice to have more memory so we could utilize LUA more. Would be nice if Jeti were able to look into adding memory as an upgrade option. I really can't justify upgrading to a DS-24 when the DS-16 is already over kill for what I use it for.

  2. Hi Tero….i loaded the batt percentage onto my ds 16 and its displaying fine and i think ive configured the settings correctly, however the battery icon shows " -% "
    any ideas? as to what im missing.

    1. Send me a screenshot of settings via contact page. You have the model powered on right?

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