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What in a ducks name is a “Snapper”?

I asked that myself too. But apparently plank-flyers use it to enable flight-modes in some situations. Anyway, there was a request so lets make it.

Snapper is part of RC-Thoughts Jeti Tools, always download and check for current version from here.

Snapper – Fuzzy Logic made easy

The idea behind Snapper is easy. We need to have switch active when chosen stick is over a certain value in both directions and the switch to be deactivated when stick is under a certain value in the same direction. The trick is that the ON-value is not the same as OFF-value. This can be done with a lot of thinking and logic switches but hey, it can be made so much easier.


  • Free possibility to select a stick
  • Free activation points for high & low activation and high & low deactivation
  • Easy to use setup-screen
  • Setup-screen shows the status of Snapper Switch, no need to jump off application when adjusting
  • Application switch “Snapper Switch” created, use for whatever function you need

Setup screen

Setup is self-explanatory when you seen the screen:


Here I have P3 (Rudder, I’m on Mode 2) setup to activate Snapper when stick is more than 75% in either direction. When Snapper is activated it will be deactivated only when stick comes back to center, between -15% and 15%. Note that you can set up different values to both directions so function can be unsymmetrical  if so desired.

Like noted, there’s a Snapper Switch available for usage where wanted:


So, that was easy, now go out and enjoy the hobby!

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    1. You could have a look here: https://www.rc-thoughts.com/2016/03/even-more-fuzzy-logic/

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