Flying things

To perhaps get a better understanding (for example) to my short-stories about Jeti-programming I thought I should tell what I’m flying with.

Logo 800 Xxtreme “The Beast”

Flagship of fleet, of course. I simply love how it flies. Majestic in the air, peaceful if You want to, really busy and capable if You want to.

  • Zeal 800 + Edge 115
  • Scorpion 5035-390 6+6×1.7YY (by J@ni)
  • Kontronik Kosmik Cool 200
  • VBar Silverline Pro
  • JLog26GW Telemetry added with Jeti temperature to motor
  • Jeti REX6

The other Logo 800 in the picture below is the turbine-project.

Align T-Rex 500EFL Pro “The Beater”

Pure fun to fly with. Usually flying style with this one is “Left stick is either on top or on bottom, steering done with right stick” (Mode 2). Crashes every now and then, a little rebuild and fun starts again :)

  • Edge 423 LE FBL + Align 85
  • Scorpion HK3226-1600KV
  • BeastX
  • Hobbywing 100 v3
  • Jeti Telemetry (MUI-150 + headspeed + motor temperature)
  • Jeti R9


  • Jeti DS-16 (Since I’m a telemetry-geek…)